Common Questions

Elator question and answers


Question: Is the Elator easy to attach?

  It is very simple to attach. In fact, it is as easy as putting on a condom. It should take less than 30 seconds.

Question: Will my partner feel any discomfort?

  No. All of our feedback is consistant with our own trials. The front loop of The Elator tucks behind the head of your penis so this portion is rarely felt. The 2 ultra thin bars on the bottom are noticable but since they glide across the base of your penis they are not painfull or uncomfortable. The front loop is wrapped in a soft medical grade siicone. The 2 ultra thin bars on the bottom (only 2 millimeters thick) are wrapped in a smooth medical grade plastic known as Pet.

Question: Can lubricant be used with the Elator?

  Yes. Lubricants are actually recommended. Both silicone based or waterbased lubricants may be applied with the device.

Question: Will The Elator work for me if I have had my prostate removed?

  Yes. The Elator has quickly become a desired and effective device for men who have had their prostates removed or that have had prostate surgery.

Question: How long can I perform intercourse with the Elator?

  You can enjoy intercourse for as long as you want and your physical conditions allows. With the Elator you have the ability to perform intercourse any time you wish and for as long as you want. Enjoy responsibly and use common sense on the duration.

Question: What do I do if The Elator does not fit properly?

  Since The Elator comes in contact with human skin it can not be returned, remade or resold. We however offer discounted replacement shafts for all of our customers who have purchased the complete Elator. For only $89 we will make you new custom shafts with different length and girth sizes.

Question: Your instructions suggest measuring while flaccid. What if I become erect after I attach and use The Elator?

  The Elator attaches behind the head of your penis. This area typically only grows around 50% compared to your head and shaft. The front top loop of The Elator also has a small spring installed to allow for some expansion.

Question: Can I ejaculate with The Elator attached?

  Yes. The Elator is snug enough to hold you extended while flaccid or partially erect but it is not so tight to effect blood flow or semen flow.

Question: Your instructions suggest measuring flaccid but I never get completly flaccid, only 20%-50% flaccid? Should I still measure the same way?

  If you feel your penis stay engorged all the time just not to the level to perform intercourse, yes you can measure while being partially engorged. We still suggest you use lubricant and tighten the measuring band so it will not slip off. Always order your Elator tighter then looser. Currently 30% of our customers re-order replacement shafts. 90% of the time, the new shafts are the same length and the only difference is the girth is smaller.

Question: Initially my Elator fit me perfectly, however I have now gained an extra 1/2" or so in length just by using my Elator. Do I have to buy a whole new unit?

  No. At any time after your initial purchase you would like a different size, color or style, you may purchase a new shaft for only $89. See Price And Options Tab

Question: I have been thinking about using the injectables (Alprostadil), why is the Elator a better option?

  • Bleeding or spotting from the urethra (mild bleeding may occur)
• Stinging of the urethra
• Penile pain
• Bleeding at the site of injection
• Pain at the site of injection
• Painful erection
• Bruising or clotted blood in the area of the injection
• Curving of the penis with pain during an erection
• Swelling in or pain of the testes
• Dizziness
• Fainting
• Pelvic pain
• Flu-like symptoms

The Elator not only does not have any side effects, but it is a much safer and less expensive ED solution.  The Elator allows you to have intercourse within 30 seconds versus 20-30 minutes and without injecting harsh chemicals into your penis.

Question: Is The Elator a better solution for ED then a vacuum pump?

  Vacuum pumps are effective at engorging your penis, but not to the point of being erect enough to perform intercourse. The pumps do not create the rigidity needed for penetration. The Elator will surely hold you fully extended regardless of blood flow.

Question: Can I use the Elator if I don't have an ED issue?

  Yes. The Elator can be worn as a solution for Peyronie's Disease (curvature of the penis) and premature ejaculation.

Question: Why would I choose The Elator over Viagra, Cialis or Levitra?

  Many of our customers tell us they stopped using these ED pills because of the expensive cost and the severe side effects. The most common reported side effects are related to blurry vision blue vision or loss of vision. The other commonly reported side effect is an elevated heart rate and a feeling of being light headed with excessive sweating. The Elator is a natural ED alternative that works immediately.  It does not require a 1-2 hour waiting period like ED pills. The Elator also has no known side effects.

Question: Can I use The Elator along with a vacuum pump?

  Yes. After you pump, you may attach The Elator and have normal intercourse. Customers who use the clamps after pumping, typically order 1 size 1/2" shorter to allow for the tickness of the clamp.

Question: What measuring advice can you provide?

  We highly recommend using the silicone measuring band versus the paper ruler. We also suggest using lubricant when measuring your girth. Please view our instructional video. When customers  do re-order a shaft it has been reported that 90% of the time our customer will order a new girth size and 95% of the time the girth is always smaller.

Question: Is the Elator safe?

  Yes. Each Elator is manufactured in the USA using only FDA-approved materials in an FDA-approved facility. The device is also being evaluated for FDA approval.

Question: Do you ship internationally?

  Yes. In fact 40% of all our sales are from out of the country.