The Elator Is Interviewed by Tiffany Granath of Playboy Radio

Tiffany Granath Host of Afternoon Advice on Playboy Radio interviews Vice President Of The Elator

 Transcript of interview below

Tiffany: You know this is really cool, Marie ran into these guys at AVN in Vegas and she loved the product and I've got the wonderful Mark Schneider on the phone talking to me about The Elator. Welcome to the show hey don't great how are you?

Mark: Fantastic
Tiffany: take a hearing about your so welcome the summary came back she's like you know there's one thing I saw at the convention and I was really really happy with this and it's called the Elator  and she said it's just the coolest thing because it's not it's basically for people who have ED or don't have ED um and are into taking pills can its this appliances and rather i'm looking at which is thank you so much for sending me one iron really brilliant how did you guys come up with it and give us the whole background story on a mark
Mark: Well basically it is the EB device but it can also be used for premature ejaculation we have two versions going to a smooth one in america one as we said there certainly is a sex toy yes I but it was actually designed about ten years ago and then you know this magic pill came out called by Viagra yeah and it was kinda put a spin on the shelf self and that years ago
you know there were so many issues people are having with pills and help build on work for everybody so they can have brought it back online. man i've been working in urology office for about two years working out all details and now I love
July phone I mean it is now available to the mass market so we're basically and able to help people just go on the website
a download a pdf so they can measure themselves and basically we sell them a custom-made unit that they can put on
Tiffany: Well I love you because you sent me yeah thank you very much she sent me the actual a what do you call this a little silicon it measuring promise a measuring device yes we bang yet measured and there you go which I love having just because every time somebody calls me and says there's thirteen inchesI just want to carry this with me actually put this in my wallet because I'm gonna go but no you're not
Mark: but yeah it's amazing you know you hear so much about the average size let everybody I think I think still there but I tell you I its through every size there are five inches and it on the 10 cuz they're all giving mister dimensions the it's shocking you know it well right
Tiffany: You know so you know an average they say is between 4-6 everyone here calm down with your 13 inches yeah you better arm you measure the length and d garth
Mark:correct manner and actually measured behind the head of the penis cuz that's actually where this device attaches to
Tiffany:right so you go right behind the head like the little missing you you measure that way brat and then you measure from what the actual Lake your what would you call it
Mark: yeah I think this is not the one thing a lot of people measure they find ways to make themselves look yeah yeah however was do it well the trick with the city take the band and you can also download pdf but the one you were defense tobacco he basically press it back to your public talent or stop smoking won't go any farther hair and then you Copperhead GPS import forward until it's a comfortable way where we would like it to be and you can just kinda look down and see
what size you are in that we take those measurements and make your device
Tiffany: goddesses grain you sent me all of the things this is Randy thank you so much do you the website by the way it's or you can call 877 356 1066 I am do you guys you know I can ask because a lot of guys comin R&R kinda just like you know it's things for their penis I gotta I got people only growing on a foreskin back I have people wearing weights if I can make them stretched you know you know the work ethic is a good thing that people like say that don't really have a problem with getting hard or is this something that people just might wanna do I don't even say is a form of torture but few times asking I mean to you can put something really stretch yourself could you
Mark: yeah there's quite a few demographics if they go so you have a guy that still has major issues yeah I get up there with the dildo work in you know he's looking for solutions so there's a is a great concept yeah and the other one is
you look at a guy that has maybe a mile the issue so maybe one time he you know he loses a direction in the next time you go you know as an email to its have physical have left open when she realized boy yeah I hope I can get up this time jury you know get the deck stacked against yourself I have a lot of customers by the device and you know they give us very important
I so how did you like it know it love it was actually made a promise to use it I said once Kawai my view is that once race a while I just knowing that in the popular my nightstand so if I can get it up or fat lose my erection just knowing it's there has kind of salt you know that part of my issue but it is a couple other things down like you said you met in Canada bondage
is yeah dominating in a vertical version yeah I'll have interest on that one yeah I'm as your viewers it's hard to visualize the imaginal a soft silicone lube around a behind have your penis and then there's the little March littler tickle want to go around low as you're probably saving sex the tickle monster on the inside third adding you know a different feeling for the woman a very unique experience come and you know it's it's for people like you like that I love dominating experience for you know to be honest some guys might be a little smaller and they want to you know towel or sensation for their partner so we've had quite a few orders an aspect well innu like I said
Tiffany: this is it's all kinda soft so it it's not your cheating for the woman correct right right and and there so many side effects to taking and tell I was reading like the pros you know or this that the cons pros from using the letters Lake you know like you said mind games renewed confidence a lotta guys once the lose their Boehner they go oh my god is it gonna happen again and then there is giant mind fuck great if but it's great new like you said if they knew they have the later in the bed next to 'em then it's like okay it's not a big deal right and then maybe the only been nearly is that the ones that can say
I've used it once actually connect but when you take the medicine like my agro which is crazier CLSA watches commercials now like Scott common side effects could include unlike oh my god yeah headache indigestion urinary tract infection at diarrhea dizziness rash respiratory tract infection like there's a lotta side effects to taking a tell
Mark: yes exactly and so this is a way if your chicken I've you know taking something in your mouth this is where getting around it Friday I mean there's the away side effects but there's some people are just as a if they just cant take it you know maybe we have a heart condition or something with your medically wrong they're just not allowed to take it I'm here this is a natural approach in the road with that we've had tremendous success with then there's also another area to be touched on a plane I your authored the men after they say some say that their demand suffer from premature ejaculation okay though there's there's two points to this device imagine you know your guys you get an erection no problem everything is great all day long but you know you come within a minute to minute through its whatever yea aa whatever the issue is just not long enough so you have this device on if you orgasm it doesn't matter you just keep going you can go as long as you want you could absolutely lose every for direction and it's still gonna stay on and you can still pleasure you go for a ride for know how r
Tiffany: okay I when I'm I got a touch to some touching it right now because this is like so even if you get yourself of is okay this is great so it's a you you get off you have your orgasm you can get this thing on and you can still keep bangin like a rockstar their goes long as you are going to see what that is so so be on call yeah it's a bit it's it's it's a maybe like ever
Mark: the trailer brochure there's a before and after picture yes I mean you can just imagine for the viewers to set up their listeners are think about you know if you're standing there right now you drop your pants you put this thing on and within 15 seconds to get sacked you don't have to be in court is all you can be totally flattered and you can just go to town because you're lame you know that change you know when you get an erection if you grabbed your peers and put forward right along your twenty years after heart doesn't matter that that that that you liked
Tiffany: ok Billy yes so even if someone is like well I need a boner before we measure mine owners place of ATO
Mark: know you measure measures of it's very important to me to measure completely flaccid from so you know the first to like I found week we came across the divide yeah it's been a great prototype brought it home I they are sure my wife and I
plan on it simply have a hard time like no credit no I'm not actually really yeah it's really incredible I mean when and you look at it it's hard to visualize a thing for some people down but you know is very slim line it's very soft it's not anything out here
take a 20 minutes t's just amazing proctor 
Tiffany: yes not lucky it's not block it off now what happens when you get a boner in there I
Mark: nothing exciting I didn't hear yet but the amount if you look at the the loop that goes around the back at it appears in that area here penis does not grow as much as the shaft to the head
Mark:typically he wrote a poem and obviously but you know 20 point for senator threat of it does expand the front as lube actually has a lil spring inside is flexible so does expand a little bit so you know if you're truly started putting on your for action great if you lose your action or York as a way to keep going the device was still stay on
Tiffany: its so called mark Schneider my guest from the a you later dot com EL ator dot com now one we go in the order this too because I got the air the cd/dvd and I got all this is do we get the whole packet when we go in order one
Mark so you know the year the DVD release only there's been a couple videos on there is one there's a video to show how it goes on which you can also watch a website there's a video to show how to measure with the rubber band and also with the paper measuring device and is also a little video on there we had done we had a lot of people can I couldn't get half the
party you know how does this not you know are there it's not a cover for the woman so we actually hired from pornstars think a little video for so it actually shows the device in action and we're gonna have a website pretty soon too
Tiffany:which yet again the L eight er dot com right
Mark: Exactly
Tiffany: well I'm I'm really exciting I'm so glad that Marie she's good she's seen a lot of everything and I'm glad she found you guys because you know people are constantly calling me like what do I do what I do and I'm so glad to have something like this to go to you know to say try this out check this out I over kills I get a lot of people that can't take pills like you said and I am really excited that we found you and have had you on the show mark
Mark: well i really appreciate you having a sister if they get amazing product like you said you know there are pills but there's a lot lot of other treatments out there just I mean that every getting to undermine their horribly talk about injections to make yourself a rack to talk about surgery for all suppositories for the space is just amazing and it breaks your heart you know when you talk this over these guys they haven't been able to have sex and five six seven years and you don't have that intimacy with your partner you know I did something like this comes along and it's it's it's a life the relationships a very delighted
Tiffany:yeah I'm like I said in and your true it is very it's very streamlined its very nice its soft I can't see it being like in the wave anything I'm holding it right now and I just think it's so amazing it thank you so much that we have stuff like this so I will definitely be a pushing your stuff out there and I hope it does very well and again thank you so much for sharing this with us thanks for having me really appreciate it very cool again the website is being later eat L eighty 0 are dot com mark Schneider vice president and again thank you and have such a wonderful week I think you do take care I'm telling you guys kinda cool shit man you know I'm in a really like managing this home is in or do you want put this united in what the fuck he's got he's such a horn ball anyways but he will do it just for don't do it for the sake of the show I'm an ass can manage to put the someone twenties after his arm minutes after is already gotten off a minute right time to put it on and see if oh I see I wanna try it on me so I can like really when I say go get it I can really mean what I say by the way chill I have Deanna the measuring device which I'm very happy I'm just gonna keep is my wallet because next time somebody calls and says in 39 min ago um no you're not yeah 13 inches see its bendable so I can take this in my wallet and when someone is a telling me that I could actually pull this out at a club go relate let's measure I can measure your link and your circumference so you wanna follow me no file when the people Tiffany granite that's the website Tiffany
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    Jim R.  -  New York
  • October 16, 2017

    Your product is great. I had prostate surgery and it left me completely impotent. Pills no longer worked, but your product did. I was really skeptical when I ordered, but since I used it my wife and I are enjoying it greatly.  This has brought our relationship back together into a stronger one and has completely restored my self confidence.

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    I suffer from Peyronie's condition (quite a marked curvature of the penis once erect) after a prostatectomy operation undergone several years ago. The Elator not only rectifies this condition, but my wife says she feels no discomfort while I am using it.

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    I must say the Elator is a miracle! Very awesome and clever thinking. I am 56 years old and have had ED for at least 6 years. I have tried all kinds of treatments (viagra, cialis, hormone pills, injections, caverject) and none of them did any good, the only option was surgery in which I wasn't very willing. With the Elator my wife and I were able to achieve penetration during sex for the first time in 6 years. Though it slipped out a few times so I need to get a new shaft with a tighter girth, this was a big step for me which brought new hope, confidence and joy! I think I will also buy a tickle shaft very soon since the replacement shafts are a cheaper price.


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    Pills just don't do an adequate job. The Elator gives you the firmness that you need. I suggest that you practice putting it on a few times to eliminate 'fumbling around' when you need it.


    Barry B., San Antonio, TX
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    Simplest, best, easiest, most effective solution to ED this side of surgical intervention. Wish I'd have known about this years ago. Great company to work with.


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