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Made by hand in San Diego California since 2009
Made by hand in San Diego California since 2009

Theodore R. Herazy, DC, LAC


This letter of acknowledgement is offered as a confident endorsement of The Elator external penile support device. In my experience as the Director of the Peyronie’s Disease Institute, and author of two books written about the Alternative Medicine treatment of Peyronie’s disease, I can confidently report that with over 40 years experience in the Alternative Medicine health care field I have never prescribed such a unique and effective patient therapeutic device as The Elator for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The Elator device is a well accepted therapeutic modality that has shown itself to be provide gentle and firm support for the flaccid or semi-erect penis that facilitates vaginal penetration and subsequent completion of the sexual act in all the patients with whom I have direct experience. There have been no reports of adverse reaction or untoward response from any patient to date, or even mild tissue irritation when used as directed. Not only do my male patients report overwhelming and consistent success in their use of The Elator device, but their sexual partners also report positive sexual experiences that are often times said to be more intense than those that occur without the use of The Elator device. I am confident of the safety and effectiveness of The Elator external penile support device.


Theodore R. Herazy, DC, LAc
Director, Peyronie’s Disease Institute
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