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Made by hand in San Diego California since 2009
Made by hand in San Diego California since 2009

How To Properly Measure

Free Measuring Kit


-BEST OPTION- If you wish to order a free measuring kit, click here, fill out the required information and we will mail you a dvd, a measuring band and a brochure in a discrete package at no charge.


Paper Measuring PDF



-OK OPTION- If you plan to measure with the paper print out, please watch the video first, then click on the pdf to the left to print out the form. When you print make sure you select “Do not scale image” on your print dialog box.


  How to measure with the silicone band

Press Back To Pelvic Bone



All measurements must be performed on a non-erect FULLY stretched penis.

Hold the end of the band marked “0” at the base of penis and press back until you hit your pelvic bone.

Extend Penis Fully



Hold the tip of your non-erect penis and stretch it out as far as you comfortably can. 

Take measurement from tip


Measure to the tip of the head. In this example the ruler measures 13.

Note: If your length is in between numbers (on the line), use the lower number (this is critical, do not round up... only round down).

Pull Foreskin Back to Measure Girth



Fully pull or roll back the skin behind the head under the penis and apply lubricant to the area directly behind the head of your penis.

Loop Band To Measure Girth


Loop the band thru the opening so the letters are on the outside of the ring. Wrap the ruler around your exposed shaft until tight.

Pull the band tight so it is snug against your penis.

Measure Girth Of Penis Head
Hold the flap and band with one hand, then use your other hand on the opposite side and pull your penis forward to a comfortable length. You will want to make sure that its tight enough so the Elator will not slip off when lubricated. In this example the measurement is “D”.

Note: If your measurement is on the line between 2 letters, use the smaller letter.