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The Elator is not only the leading manufacturer of natural erectile dysfunction devices, we are also consumers. Nothing frustrates our team more than trying to call for advice or place an order. The typical scenario is that you call a number and you are dumped into this mile long automated phone system. After pressing a dozen buttons you are put on hold. When someone finally answers they realize they can't help you are transferred to another level of support. After 20 minutes on the phone you are totally frustrated and vow to never call again.

You will be pleased to know that's not us! At The Elator we encourage you to pick up the phone, dial our number, press an extension and we will help you immediately. It doesn’t matter what our role, we will take your call and answer your questions.  And yes, even our CEO looks forward to talking with you. As an alternative to phone assistance we offer excellent support via email. Although our hours of operation are Monday - Friday 8:30-5:00 PST we do check our emails over the weekend and holidays.
Mark Schneider  

Mark Schneider

Founder and CEO

Mark Schneider is one of the cofounders of The Elator in 2008. Mark was not only instrumental as the driving force to the growth of the company, but also instrumental in the development of all the video's, brochures, manuals and promotional materials. Mark is passionate about natural health and providing an all natural ED device for those couples who have tried other products and found them to be risky or ineffective. 

As CEO, Mark is leading The Elator transformation to become a world class Erectile Dysfunction solution company. Mark is very comfortable talking about sexuality and positive effects of staying sexual even in our later years. Mark has been interviewed by various TV and Radio stations including Playboy Radio and HBO. Mark is happy to answer any questions you may have... feel free to call him anytime.

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Lisa Schneider

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Lisa Schneider is one of the cofounders of The Elator in 2008. 

Lisa has over a decade of sales leadership experience in managing sales channels and niche product sales in various industries. Lisa is instrumental to the success of The Elators global sales, including strategic sales, direct sales, and channel sales. She has a contagious positive spirit with extensive knowledge, experience, & relentless determination in building trusting business relationships.  Lisa holds a Bachelor in Business Communication from California State Fullerton.

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Lisa Schneider


Calvin Stone


Calvin Stone

Customer Service Representative

Calvin has been with The Elator since its inception. Calvin has proven to be not only an excellent customer service representative but also a passionate spokesperson for health, happiness and the importance of intimacy among couples.

Not a week goes by that we don't receive 2-3 complements from our customers regarding Calvin’s superb customer service. Calvin is always happy to assist customers with measuring advice, provide them all the answers they require and follow up with excellent service regarding shipment status and delivery times.



Aaron Morgan

Shipping Manager

Aaron Morgan joined the Elator in 2009.  Aaron is The Elators key resource to ensuring our customers shipment of goods are spot on 100%.  This means that orders are shipped without errors and packages are delivered in perfect condition with each and every delivery. This is why Aaron is was appointed for the day to day operations of our shipping and receiving departments including packaging, freight schedules, and deliveries. Aaron oversees communication with trucking and other shipping companies for efficient and timely pickups/deliveries.  Aaron is critical to the success to ensure that accurate inventory cycles counts are maintained and that our customers needs are met. Aaron is exceptional at being the forefront our productive shipping department.

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Aaron Morgan


Carol Sangston


Carol Sangston


Carol Yaji brings over 20 years of accounting and human resource management expertise to The Elator.  Carol joined the Elator team in 2009 as Manager of Accounting.  Carol is responsible for The Elators accounts payables and receivables. She is a leading strength for The Elators financial transactions for our Vendors, Partners and Customers.

Carol is influential to supporting our clients accounting departments and an important advocate of The Elators finance team.  In her attribute zealous style, she is instrumental in providing exceptional accounting support for our organization and to our customers alike.







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