How To Attach

The Elator is a custom made external penile support device that consists of the following components:

A  Soft Flexible Front Loop (stainless steel frame / expanding spring on top / injection molded with medical grade silicone)
B  Sliding Latch
C  Flexible Support Tubes (micro stainless steel rods / wrapped in a medical grade plastic known as PET)
D  Base Lock Ring 
E  Base Ring (4 sizes included)
To attach, simply follow the below steps or watch this short video
The Elator Part List
How To Attach Step 1 - Pull Foreskin Back How To Attach The Elator Step 2 Apply Lubricant How To Attach The Elator Step 3 Slide Clip All the Way Back How To Attach The Elator Step 4 Insert Penis Head How To Attach The Elator Step 5 Slide Clip Behind Head How To Attach The Elator Step 6 Slide Base Ring To Your Pelvic Bone How To Attach The Elator Step 7 Attach Smallest Base Ring
Fully retract the foreskin under the penis head to expose the penis shaft. Make sure the area behind the head of your penis is fully exposed.
Apply a small amount of lubricant around the area behind the head of your penis.
Move the sliding latch down to the back clip of the Elator. Spread the flexible ultra thin stainless steel tubes to open the front flexible loop.
Insert your penis head under the flexible front loop, then center the rods and squeeze the front loop together so the loop closes into a circle.
Move the sliding latch forward all the way, tightening the flexible loop. The sliding latch locks the flexible loop around the penis head.
Place the base ring over the penis shaft and bring the ring down to the base of the penis.
Stretch your penis and clip the locking ring to the base ring. If you have a lot of skin around the penis head make sure the skin is not pinched. You should be pointing straight out at 90 degrees once attached.